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Linear Fire Pit

  • 5 foot model featured

  • Only 8 inches wide!

Square Fire Pit

  • 28" model featured

  • propane-powered

Propane vs Wood vs Natural Gas  

Wood fires are great. We love 'em. We'd be happy to make you a wood-burning fire pit. But open wood fires are often frowned upon here in Oregon. They require 25ft of clearance from any structure. They smoke. They require dry wood and kindeling. Fire bans are common. And sparks can be dangerous


Propane-powered fire pits require less clearance. They throw no sparks. They are transportable so you can take them to your next picnic or event. They can be brought in (or out!) for the winter. And you can light up for a quick 15 minute fire without all the hassle!


If you feel comfortable changing propane tanks on your backyard grill, you can operate these fire pits with confidence.


Natural Gas pits are much like propane, but are much cheaper to operate. But keep in mind that installation of hard lines can be costly. If you want a permanent art piece, this is a great option.


Want a bonfire? Make it a BadFire.

Local. Industrial Strength. Fire.

We specialize in design and fabrication of gas-powered steel fire pits. 


  • Most of our work is in heavy 1/4" or thicker rustic steel found locally. Guaranteed to last.

  • Stainless steel CSA-certified HPC burner units

  • 90k BTU LPG-Air mixers on propane-powered units

  • Handcrafted in our local NE Portland studio

  • F-flare or quick release hose fittings


You spent countless hours and dollars making your patio and yard awesome. Make it the center of conversation with a BadFire.


Fire Pits run $800-$2500, depending on customization.


We currently have two designs in production, but are always looking for new ideas and fun projects. Have an industrial artifact that would be an awesome patio gathering point? Lets work together to create the fire art of your dreams.

Found Object Flame Effect

  • table-top size

  • propane-powered

Handmade Portland Oregon

Fire Pits & Steel Art

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